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The mission of this blog is to explore the connection between the skills learned in the dojo as a student of the martial arts and the skills that lead to a successful life.  I’m privileged to know several good and high-ranking martial artists and when asked, “Have you ever used your karate?” in hopes of a good fight story, they all answer, “I use it every day.” My goal with this blog is to particularize that answer.


With my son studying Kenpo Karate my hope is that it enriches his life like it does mine – that he will learn skills he can use in his daily pursuit of success whatever the endeavor.  I feel I have an advantage over other parents whose children take a martial art because I can coach him not just in technique but also in the related life skills. While I’m a big advocate of adults and parents studying the martial arts, I believe that advantage can be passed on to all parents so they to may coach their children and get the most out of their martial arts experience.


I have three specific goals for this blog:


  1. To share what I see as the life skills taught through the martial arts with other martial artist and teachers to enrich their study and programs.
  2. To put my ideas and knowledge out for criticism and feedback from my peers in order to refine and improve them
  3. Provide a place for parents to gain insight that will help them work with their young martial artist.